Derivation of Threefold Coincidence g(2)

The threefold anticorrelation parameter, similarly to the twofold, is dependent on the probabilities of threefold coincidences and individual twofold coincidences:

\begin{align} A = {P _{ABB'} \over {P_{AB} P _{AB'}}} \left \end{align}

The probability of coincidences are each dependent on the number of measured coincidences over the number of measured counts in the trigger channel, A.

\begin{align} P _{ABB'} = {N _{ABB'} \over {N_{A} }} \left \end{align}

This holds true for the other two quantities as well. Substituting these equations into the original equation, we can find the anticorrelation parameter as a function of raw numbers of counts and coincidences:

\begin{align} A = {N _{ABB'} \over {N_{AB} N _{AB'}}} \left({N_A} \right) \end{align}


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